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Rough and Smooth Tablets

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Box 1: Gradation of roughness, five pairs of rough tablets. (Same gradation of roughness as Board C from the “Rough and Smooth Boards.”)

Box 2: Gradation of smoothness, five pairs of smooth tablets. (Same gradation of smoothness as Board D from the “Rough and Smooth boards.”)

Finger sensitizing tray.



  1. Invite the child to the lesson.  
  2. Ask him to bring Box 1 to a table.
  3. Show the child the blindfolds, pick one for yourself and invite the child to pick one.
  4. Ask the child to bring two tissues from the tissue box.
  5. Show the child how to place the tissue on the blindfold. 
  6. Perform the process of sensitizing your fingers. 
  7. Take one tablet from each pair out of the box – one at a time – and lay them out on the table.
  8. Feel their differences and invite the child to feel them. 
  9. Once they have been felt, take out the other five tablets from the box.
  10. Mix all the tablets up on the table.  
  11. With the tablets randomized, put the blindfold on, obscuring your vision.  
  12. Select one tablet at random and feel around for its match. Feel the tablets repeatedly to be sure that you have a match.
  13. Once you are sure, stack them on top of one another and place them towards the top of the table. 
  14. Continue this process until all five tablets are with their match. 
  15. Remove the blindfold and see how well you did.  
  16. Invite the child to randomize the tablets and perform the exercise. 
  17. On another day, do this same exact presentation with Box 2.  


Exercise 1, Matching Tablets

The child performs the exercise as presented.

Exercise 2, Grading Tablets
  1. On another day, show the child how to do grading.  
  2. Perform the processes of sensitizing and removing tablets one by one, remove only one set. 
  3. Randomize the tablets. With the blindfold on, feel one tablet at a time until you find the roughest tablet. Place the roughest tablet on the left.  
  4. Feel the roughest tablet again, and now feel for the tablet which is slightly smoother. Once you think you find it, place it to the right of the tablet, touching its edge.  
  5. Continue this process until you think you’ve properly graded them all. Once you are done, take off the blindfold and check. 
  6. With the grading done correctly, invite the child to perform the exercise.
  7. Let the child take out the second set and randomize it.  
  8. Now the child is ready to put on the blindfold and grade the tablets.
  9. Once he is done, he can use the teachers set as a control of error.  
  10. On another day, do this same exact exercise with Box 2. 


Rougher, roughest, smoother, smoothest.


Memory distant game.

Control of Error

When matching, the control of error is visual after you take off your blindfold, as one will see whether the matches are correct.

When grading, the control of error is the guide’s set.

Direct Purpose

Further refinement of the tactile sense.

Indirect Purpose

Preparation for writing.


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