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Phonetic Reading Cards

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Cards each containing one phonetic word in manuscript (print). 
Font should be large and clear. 
Card sets may have vowels in blue and consonants in red, or all black. 
Cards may be grouped in sets according to length or difficulty.  


One Word Phonetic Booklets 
  • These booklets have a picture on the left and the word on the right. The child gets a strong sense of achievement through this activity because he is a step closer to a real book. 
Phonetic Cards 
  • These phonetic cards get progressively more challenging. Ask the child to put correct cards in a pile to the left and incorrect cards that he can’t read or is unsure of to the right. Review the words that the child has gotten incorrect. 
Pictures & Phonetic Labels 
  • Matching labels such as a broom to the correct picture of the broom. 
Phonetic Commands 
  • These command cards get the child interacting in his environment based on what he reads. The cards can say commands such as “stand up” and “dust a map” or “wet a napkin.” This helps the child connect reading with the real-world environment. 


Exercise 1, One Word Phonetic Booklets
Exercise 2, Phonetic Cards
Exercise 3, Pictures & Phonetic Labels
Exercise 4, Phonetic Commands




Help the child master the mechanics of reading phonetic words. 


4 1/2 to 5


When making materials, century gothic font is great, size 20 – 22 px.  

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