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Word Problems

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A selection of word problems which allow the child to use the four operations. The problems are readable and reflect the children’s experience and interests.  Problems may be houses in either of two ways: 

  1. Operations mixed, written on white card stock. 
  2. Operations separated in color-coded packets: 
    Addition in red, subtraction in green, multiplication in yellow, division in blue, with a fifth white packet for mixed operations. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.  
  2. Show the child the word problems, which are in a packet on the math shelf.  
  3. Bring the packet to a table.  
  4. Take a word problem card out of the packet. 
  5. Ask the child to read it.  
  6. “What does it ask you to do?” 
  7. Ask the child what he thinks he will do with this problem to solve it. 
  8. Ask the child if he would like to use the stamp game; the child can also use the dot game for addition only problems.  
  9. Stay with the child through the first exercises. 
  10. Once the child is secure, the child can work independently.  


Child works independently.


To connect the child’s math work with the everyday world and to promote an interest in reading.  

Control of Error

In some cases, you can do the reverse operation.  


5 1/2 to 6


This kind of work is appealing to children who are nearing the 2nd plane; which means bigger, complex problems are of great interest to them. Children here will often be very independent.   

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