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Thermic Tablets

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Pairs of tablets that are alike in size, but are made of different substances that differ in their heat-conducting properties. E.g. wood, felt, cork, glass, marble, iron. A blindfold.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.
  2. Remove one set of thermic tablets and then the next set.
  3. Randomize the tablets on the table
  4. Be sure that there is a left side and a right side.
  5. Show the child how to use your dominant wrist to feel the temperature of the tablets.
  6. Ask the child to feel the tablets with his own wrist.
  7. Ask the child to watch you.
  8. Put the blindfold on.
  9. Choose a random tablet and feel its temperature.
  10. Carefully place the tablet in front of you.
  11. Search for the tablet’s match by feeling the temperature of the other tablets on the table.
  12. Once you find it, slide the tablet to the front of the table, so the tablets are adjacent.
  13. Confirm the tablets are a match by once more using your wrist.
  14. Slide the tablets to the top back of the table.
  15. Continue this process until all the tablets are matched.
  16. Remove the blindfold and examine your matches.
  17. Randomize all the tablets.
  18. Ask the child to put on the blindfold so that he can match the tablets.


Exercise 1, Matching
Exercise 2, Grading

While wearing a blindfold, grade one set of tablets from warmest to coolest. Ask the child to put on the blindfold and grade the other set of tablets.


Warm, cool.

Control of Error

Visual upon removal of blindfold.
The control of error for Grading is the guide’s set of graded tablets.

Direct Purpose

Refinement of the thermic sense.


4 to 4 1/2


Be sure to carefully demonstrate how to lightly touch the tablets.
Don’t hold your wrist on the tablets for too long.

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