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The Preposition

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Objects collected from the environment, such as three different pencils or flowers.
A container such as a box or a vase.
The teacher’s writing tray.
Box of grammar symbols.
Labels for prepositions – on, beside, in, above, etc.
Prepared adjectival phrases for the farm (or other selected sets of objects). 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. “This is the preposition game.” 
  3. Take writing tray to the table. 
  4. “You might be wondering what this tape is here for. I’ll show you.” 
  5. Write on the paper, “the yellow pencil and the purple pencil and the green pencil.” 
  6. If there isn’t enough space on the paper, get a small piece of tape and connect it with the other piece of paper that is written on. 
  7. Cut off the excess paper. 
  8. Ask the child to read it. 
  9. Wait for the child to retrieve the pencils. 
  10. Write “the pencil box.” 
  11. Wait for the child to read and retrieve the box. 
  12. Write “in” on the paper, using a red pencil. 
  13. Put the words in order: 
    “the yellow pencil and the purple pencil and the green pencil in the pencil box” 
  14. Wait for the child to read it and put the pencils in the box. 
  15. Ask the child to get the grammar symbol box. 
  16. Wait for the child to place the symbols above the words. 
  17. Introduce the green crescent symbol for prepositions. 
  18. “This symbol tells us where something is.” 
  19. Transpose the words. 


Exercise 1, Children may work alone with farm, using printed adjective and preposition slips and grammar box. Example: the pink pig, inside, the wooden barn. The child should place the symbols then transpose. Children can do independent work by creating their own slips for other things in the environment. Most anything would be okay so long as it involves writing, reading, and symbolizing.  

Exercise 2, (optional) Tea Set. This is a different material but follows the same process. One can write “the sugar bowl” followed by something such as “on” “the green tray.” There are also printed slips available for independent work.


To bring awareness to the function of the preposition.  




Write, do, symbolize, transpose.
First preposition is “in” because it’s so simple and commonly used.
We are not teaching grammar yet, we are giving little impressions about the child’s own language. 
“Pencil box” could be one noun, or pencil could be an adjective and box could be a noun in regards to placing symbols.  

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