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The Logical Adjective Game

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Two sets of cards: one color-coded black with nouns, the other color-coded deep blue with adjectives which are appropriate with the nouns.
The container (can be marked with adjective symbol and #2).
The grammar symbols.  


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Shows the child the logical adjective game container.  
  3. Ask the child to bring the container to a table.  
  4. Take out the labels.  
  5. Place a couple black labels at the top of the table in a column.  
  6. Ask the child to place the rest of the black labels in the column.  
  7. Place a blue label to the left of the top black label.  
  8. Ask the child to continue placing the blue labels in a column.  
  9. Ask the child to read the combinations. 
  10. “Does that sound like it makes sense?” 
  11. If it makes sense to the child, keep the combination where it is.  
  12. If it doesn’t make sense, ask the child to discard the blue label to the left side of the table. 
  13. Repeat this for all the current combinations. 
  14. Ask the child to put the discarded labels in combinations that make sense. 
  15. Once everything makes sense, ask the child to get the grammar symbols box. 
  16. Ask him to put one large black triangle above the black labels (nouns). 
  17. Ask him to put one medium dark blue triangle above the blue labels (adjectives). 
  18. Clean up the materials.  


Exercise 1, as presented.  

Exercise 2, One Noun Many Adjectives
Take out one black noun label and place it on the right. Place a blue adjective label to the left of it. If it makes sense, keep the blue label in the left column. If not, discard it. If it works, place another blue adjective in the left column and slide the black noun down. Continue for every adjective. At the end, place the grammar symbols above the labels. 

Exercise 3, One Noun, Several Adjectives Together
Take out one black noun label and place it on the right. Place a blue adjective label to the left of it. If it makes sense, keep it there. If not, discard it. Add another adjective in front of the previous adjective. If it makes sense in combination with the other adjective in relation to the object, keep it there, if not discard it. Continue to add/discard adjectives until you go through them all, building a long horizontal chain of adjectives. At the end, place the grammar symbols above the labels. 

Exercise 4, Ask the child to get out the moveable alphabet to make nouns and adjectives.  


To help the child become aware of the function of the adjective.  




Thinking about logical connections can be a lot of fun and silly. 
Logical connections improves the child’s vocabulary, language skills, and abstract thinking skills.  

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