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The Conjunction

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Objects collected from the environment, such as three different pencils or flowers. 
A length of pink ribbon.
Teacher’s writing tray.
Box of grammar symbols.
Labels for conjunctions. 
Adjectival phrases for the farm objects (or any other group of objects). 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Bring the writing tray to the table. 
  3. Bring the conjunction box. 
  4. Take the pink ribbon out of the conjunction box and place it on the table. 
  5. Write on a slip of paper “the red pencil”. 
  6. Cut it out and ask the child to read it.  
  7. “I bet you know what to do.” 
  8. Wait for the child to bring the pencil and place it next to the label. 
  9. Write “the blue pencil” and repeat this process. 
  10. Write “the green pencil” and repeat this process.
  11. Lay the pink ribbon out horizontally.  
  12. Place on pencil on it at a time. 
  13. With all three pencils on it, tie the pink ribbon around the pencils in a bow. 
  14. “Now, I’m going to write something that says what I did.” 
  15. With a red pencil, write “and”. 
  16. Cut “and” out and place it between the first two labels. 
  17. Write “and” again with a red pencil, cut it out, and place it between the last two labels. 
  18. “Can you read that?” 
  19. Pick up the pencils. 
  20. “Just like these pencils are tied together with the ribbon, this word ties the other words here together.” 
  21. Ask the child to get the grammar symbol box. 
  22. Ask the child to place the symbols above the words.  
  23. Introduce the child to the pink rectangular conjunction symbol. 
  24. Transpose.  
  25. Clean up.  
  26. Show the child the printed slips. 


Child can use prepared slips and should bring out symbols each time.
Other objects in environment can be used such as farm animals, books, cloths, and sponges. 


To bring awareness to the function of words, especially conjunctions.  




Invite the child to practice using conjunctions with the printed slips, or perhaps the moveable alphabet.  

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