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A box of small objects, some in quantities, some single.  
e.g. buttons, coins, clips, one pencil, one shell, etc.  

Tray with pencil, scissors, and slips of paper (teacher’s writing tray.)
Printed tickets with the names and the necessary number of articles a and the 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Show the child the article box. 
  3. Ask the child to bring the article box to the table. 
  4. Bring the writing tray. 
  5. Ask the child to hand you the or a object based on whether there is one or two of the object.  
  6. As the child hands you the objects one at a time, place the single objects in a column on the right. 
  7. Place the duplicate objects in a column on the left. 
  8. “I used the word a when there is more than one.” 
  9. “I used the word the when there is only one.” 
  10. Write a label for each object, one at a time, but be sure to include a or the before the object name. 
  11. Ask the child to match the label to the object; align the slip in a row to the right of the object so the child knows where to place the rest. 
  12. Repeat this until you write a label for every object and the child matches them. 
  13. Once completed, show the child the laminated labels which the child can use to work independently.  


Exercise 1, child uses printed labels
Exercise 2, suggest the child make his own article game by borrowing objects from the environment and making his own labels. 


Make the child aware of the function of the article, and to practice reading. 


4 1/2 to 5


It is good to rotate materials, being sure to have labels for every object.
We are not yet teaching grammar.
We are not telling the child the words “article” or “noun.”
We don’t yet use “an” so we don’t use objects that start with vowels.  

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