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Teens Beads and Boards

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Short Bead Stair in a small box.
9 bars of 10 in a small box.
Teen Boards. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. “We’re going to use the teens beads and the teens boards.” 
  3. Ask the child to get a rug. 
  4. Ask the child to bring the teens beads and then the teens boards. 
  5. “I think you know what to do.” 
  6. Be sure that child places the 10 bars vertically, and the colored beads in stair formation to the left of the 10 bars. 
  7. Be sure that the child places the boards in a column in the middle of the rug and that the number cards are randomized in a column on the right side of the rug. 
  8. Take a ten bar and place it near the left side of the first teens boards row. 
  9. Place the unit bead to the right of the ten bar, adjacent. 
  10. “Eleven.” 
  11. Find the number card labeled 1. 
  12. From the right, slide the 1 card into the first row. 
  13. Repeat, “Eleven.” 
  14. Proceed with this process for two or three more rows until the child is secure. 
  15. Hand it off to the child and be sure that the child says the name of the numbers after placing the beads together, and after sliding the cards into the rows. 
  16. At the end, once all beads and cards are complete, ask the child to read the numbers on the boards from 11 to 19, then backwards from 19 to 11. 


Child works independently.  


To associate quantity, name, and symbol for numbers 11 to 19.
To reinforce sequence from 11 to 19. 


4 1/2


This is an exciting work as it uses two different works on one rug. 

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