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Slicing Vegetables

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Cutting boards
Serrated knife with a round tip.
Vegetable peelers.
Medium size dish.
Compost pail.

For washing:
Long narrow container.
Medium size pitcher.
Scrub brush.
Medium size bucket.
Cloth for drying vegetables.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to slice a vegetable. 
  3. Put an apron on along with the child. 
  4. Take turns washing hands.  
  5. Show the child the materials. 
  6. Ask the child to bring the tray to a table.  
  7. Bring the mat.   
  8. Ask the child to watch. 
  9. Unroll the mat on the table. 
  10. Place the cutting board in the middle on the mat. 
  11. Place the knife, peeler, and spoon to the right of the cutting board. 
  12. Put the discard tray in the top left of the table.  
  13. Put the dish in the top right of the table. 
  14. Place the pitcher, container, cloth, and scrub brush at the top of the table. 
  15. Place the bucket to the right side of the table. 
  16. Ask the child to come with you to pick out a vegetable. 
  17. Place the vegetable on the cutting board. 
  18. Pick up the pitcher. 
  19. Fill the pitcher up with water. 
  20. Pour the water into the long narrow container. 
  21. Place the carrot into the container. 
  22. Slowly scrub it clean with the vegetable scrubber. 
  23. Pick the cloth up and dry the carrot. 
  24. Place the cloth back down. 
  25. Once it is dry, place the carrot on the cutting board. 
  26. Pick up the peeler, and slowly peel the carrot. 
  27. After each peel, put the peeler down and place the peel in the discard tray. 
  28. Completely peel the carrot. 
  29. With one hand on the carrot, and one hand on the knife, carefully cut one slice off of the carrot. 
  30. Put the knife down, pick up the spoon. 
  31. Use the spoon to move the carrot slice into the dish. 
  32. Pick the knife back up, cut a slice, put the knife down, pick up the spoon, place the slice into the dish. 
  33. Continue this until the process is done. 
  34. Take the dish full of fresh carrots slices to the proper place for snack preparation.  
  35. Take the discard tray to the trash and dump the peelings, parts, etc. 
  36. Set the tray back down. 
  37. Ask the child to perform the exercise. 
  38. Carefully take the knife, peeler and spoon to the dish washer. 
  39. Replace them with clean ones. 
  40. Take the container full of water and pour it into the classroom waste water bucket. If there is water left in the pitcher, pour this into the waste water bucket as well.  
  41. Dry the container and pitcher with the cloth. 
  42. Wipe the cutting board with the cloth. 
  43. Wipe your hands with the cloth. 
  44. Replace the cloth. 
  45. Clean the mat with the sponge. 
  46. Roll the mat up. 
  47. Place everything back on the shelf. 


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Use of the knife, texture of the vegetables.


Learn the basics of food preparation, communal care, judgement, give a sense of order through a sequence of materials, independence, awareness of surroundings, coordination.


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