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Silence Game

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Chairs for the children to sit in, but one could also use a large rug, or even a specific part of the floor in the classroom.


  1. Invite the children to the game.
  2. Turn off the lights so it is calm and pleasantly dark enough.
  3. Ask the children to grab one chair each and make a small circle.
  4. Sit down.
  5. Explain that the children need to be very quiet, very still, and make no noises.
  6. Ask the children if they know what being quiet means.
  7. Tell the children that after sitting down for a little bit, you will quietly get up and move to the other side of the classroom.
  8. Tell the children that you will whisper one of their names at a time, very quietly.
  9. Sit with the children for five whole minutes of stillness and silence.
  10. When the child hears his or her name, he or she has to quietly get up from his or her chair and come to the other side of the classroom where the teacher is.
  11. For every child, whisper his or her name one by one until every child’s name is called and they are all lined up on the other side of the classroom.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Seeing if they can maintain silence as both a group and as individuals.


Enhance listening skills, sitting quietly, not making noise, participating in an activity as a community.


3 +


This game is a point of arrival.
The children need to show signs of self control in regards to silence to play this game; some children who are not yet ready should be given a different activity to do and go elsewhere such as playing outside or for a walk.

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