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Shoe Polishing

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  • Small stiff brush, to clean between shoe and sole.
  • Flannel cloth or mitt, to wipe dust from upper part of shoe.
  • Wax polish, neutral, in container which child can open.
  • Applicator, a small soft bristle brush, or sponge applicator.
  • Bristle brush to shine the shoe, small to fit child’s hand.
  • Buffer.
  • Container or basket.
  • Newspaper or newsprint to use as mat, folded to carrying size


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to polish shoes.
  3. Ask the child to watch.
  4. Get aprons and put them on.
  5. Place news print on the center of the rug.
  6. Fold the news print out all the way.
  7. Place the shoes on the newsprint.
  8. Place all the materials on the rug, naming the materials as you go.
  9. Pick up the cloth.
  10. With your dominant hand, place your three innermost fingers upward on the cloth.
  11. Fold the left side over your fingers.
  12. Fold the right side over your fingers.
  13. Fold the top over your fingers.
  14. Place your thumb over the fold.
  15. Holding the shoe in one hand, go back and forth and wipe the dust off the shoe.
  16. Place the cloth back.
  17. With your dominant index finger, point at the part of the shoe where it meets the sole.
  18. Pick up the small stiff brush.
  19. Carefully clean all around the shoe where these two parts meet.
  20. Place the small stiff brush back.
  21. Open the polish.
  22. Apply polish to the applicator brush.
  23. Close the polish.
  24. Rub the applicator brush onto the surface of the shoe.
  25. Place brush back.
  26. Pick up the bristle brush.
  27. Gently shine the shoe.
  28. Place the bristle brush back.
  29. Pick up the buffer brush.
  30. Buffer the shoe, gently and carefully, until you are satisfied with the appearance.
  31. Place the bugger brush back.
  32. Ask the child to polish the other shoe.
  33. Once done, carefully fold the newsprint in half horizontally.
  34. Fold the newsprint in half vertically.
  35. Throw the newsprint away.
  36. Place the materials back in the basket.
  37. Ask the child to take the basket back to the shelf.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Getting the right amount of polish, producing grit onto the paper from the boots, creating a shine.


Care of the person through shoe polishing, give a sense of order through a sequence of materials, concentration, independence, perseverance.


4 to 5


Opportunity to talk about materials of shoes which can and cannot be polished.

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