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Sandpaper Numbers

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Numbers 1 – 9, and 0, cut out of sandpaper and mounted on separate boards. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Sensitize your fingers. 
  3. Bring the box of sandpaper numbers to the table. 
  4. Place numbers 1 – 3 on the table. 
  5. Trace number 1 three times. 
  6. “Now you can trace it.” 
  7. Wait for the child to trace it then say “one.” 
  8. Trace number 2 three times. 
  9. “Now you can trace it.” 
  10. Wait for the child to trace it then say “two.” 
  11. Trace number 3 three times. 
  12. “Now you can trace it.” 
  13. Wait for the child to trace it then say “three.” 
  14. Perform a three-period-lesson. 


As presented. Continue this process for the other numbers over the course of the following days. 

Control of Error

The child’s visual, auditory, and muscular memory. 


Learn symbols for numbers they know.
Association of quantity with symbol.
Give the keys to the world of numbers. 




This comes after the number rods.
Sandpaper numbers represent essential information for memory, because you can know any number after you know 1 – 9 and 0.
Writing sequence begins with a chalkboard, the child writes then erases and writes again. First we use a blank chalkboard then a lined or grid chalkboard.
Sandpaper numbers can also be used as a remedial device for children who incorrectly write numbers. 

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