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Sandpaper Globe

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A small globe with water painted blue and land covered with sandpaper.


  1. Show the child the globe.
  2. Demonstrate how to hold it with both hands wrapped around and under the base of the globe.
  3. Invite the child to bring the globe to a table.
  4. Sitting by the child, explain that the globe is a model of the world where we live.
  5. Explain that the blue parts are water, and that the rough parts are land.
  6. Navigate around the globe with your dominant hand, feeling the smooth blue water as well as the rough sandpaper land.
  7. Invite the child to feel and explore the globe.
  8. Carefully lift the globe to reveal the south pole, invite the child to see and feel the south pole.
  9. Perform a three period lesson with the child, going over land and water.
  10. Invite the child to continue exploring the globe.


Child works independently.


Land and water.

Control of Error

Tactile sense, visual.

Direct Purpose

Preparation for geography.


3 1/2 +


Beginning to understand the world is made possible by starting with the basics and showing the whole world. Other language such as “islands” is saved for later lessons.
This lesson is presented after the child has been shown the Rough and Smooth Boards.

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