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Puzzle Words

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Set of cards on which are written words of irregular construction or pronunciation – e.g. are, to, put, cough, your, I, we, father, though, etc. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Show the child the puzzle words. 
  3. Take the puzzle words to the table. 
  4. “We have to remember some words because they do not sound the way they are written.  
  5. Place 3 words on the table. 
  6. Perform a three-period lesson. 
  7. Flip the 3 cards over.  
  8. Use 3 other cards and repeat the process. 
  9. Flip over all 6 cards. 
  10. See if the child remembers how each word is pronounced. 
  11. The next day, use the same 6 cards and see if the child still remembers how to pronounce the words on them. 


Same as presentation.


To facilitate reading.
To teach the words that have irregular spelling.




Think of clever, fun ways to present words.
In order to keep interest alive, you can ask a child to get a moveable alphabet, turn the cards upside down and ask them if they can write one of the words. To check their work, they can turn the card back around. 
You can ask the child if he wants to start his own list of puzzle words. 

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