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Plant Care

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Watering can.
Spray bottle.
Sponge or small drying cloth.
Tiny pitcher.
Tiny dish with cotton ball.
Supply of cotton balls.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to care for a plant.
  3. Take the materials to a table.
  4. Let the child choose a plant to care for.
  5. Pick up the plant.
  6. Show him how to carry a plant.
  7. Set it back down.
  8. Ask him to take the plant to the table.
  9. With aprons on, ask the child to fill up the watering can and the tiny pitcher.
  10. Pick up the watering can.
  11. Pour just enough water so that the soil is wet but so that it is not soaked or flooding.
  12. With the small water pitcher, pour a tiny amount of water into the leaf dish.
  13. With a cotton ball, soak up a little bit of water.
  14. Carefully stroke the leaves with the wet cotton ball to remove the dust.
  15. Look for dead parts of the plant with the child.
  16. Use the scissors to carefully remove these parts.
  17. Place these parts in the dish.
  18. Give the plant a few sprays with the spray bottle.
  19. Ask the child to perform the exercise.
  20. Once the child is done, show him how to clean up.
  21. Pour out any excess water.
  22. Dump the dish of dead plant parts into the trash.
  23. Throw away and replace cotton balls.
  24. Use the sponge to dry the materials and table.
  25. Remove your aprons.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Swabbing leaves, determining what a plant needs to be healthy and grow.


Care of the environment through plant care, beautifying the environment, judgement, giving a sense of order through a sequence of materials, independence, awareness of surroundings, coordination, preparation for botany.


3 and up

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