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Phonetic Object Game

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An attractive box containing a few objects, the names of which are phonetic – e.g. cap, fox, hat, pin, nut, club, stamp, flag, cup, mug, bat, stamp, velvet, pumpkin, etc. 
A small writing tray with a pencil, slips of paper and scissors. 
Prepared labels with names of the objects in manuscript (print). 


  1. Take the writing tray to the table and ask the child to bring the object box. 
  2. Ask the child to open the box and take the items out one at a time. 
  3. For every object, say its proper name that is appropriate for this exercise. 
  4. Place the narrow underlay on the table. 
  5. Place a strip of paper on the underlay.  
  6. Write the name of one of the objects on the paper.  
  7. Cut the name out with the scissors.  
  8. Place the name in front of the child.   
  9. Ask the child to sounds it out.  
  10. Ask the child to match it with an object.  
  11. Repeat this for all the objects.  
  12. Show the child that he can do this by himself next time with the laminated names that are stored in the object box. 


Child works independently with prepared/printed labels. 



Control of Error



Introduction to reading. 
Understand that written word communicates. 
The child realizes that letters represent sounds that make a word. 


4 1/2 to 5


Be sure to name every item before you begin writing.
Objects should be familiar. 
Rotate items frequently. 
Make sure to have labels for all items. 
Labels should be same font, size, same lamination, etc. 
8 objects should be just enough.  

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