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Parts of the Flag

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A three part set of cards with parts of the flag colored in red.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Bring the “parts of the flag” cards to the table.
  2. Sitting with the child, take out all the cards which demonstrate a part of the flag and place them on the table in columns and rows, nice and neat.
  3. Go over the cards, saying the name of each part one at a time, being sure that the child repeats the name and associates it with the part of the flag.
  4. Pick up the cards one at a time and put them in a stack in the top right corner of the table. Pick three contrasting cards from the deck.
  5. Proceed with a three period lesson.
  6. Repeat the three period lessons until the child knows all the parts.


Exercise 1, same as presentation, child works with cards.
Exercise 2, when the child can read he will use the same three set cards which come with words to match to the cards.


Parts of the flag; flagpole, truck, finial, hoist, canton, field, fly end, halyard.

Control of Error

Control cards.

Direct Purpose

Familiarity with the parts of the flag.


3 1/2 to 4

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