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Memory Game of Numbers

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Eleven attractive little cards, each with a number ranging from 0 to 10.
The cards should be folded, or in tiny envelopes, or otherwise hidden from sight.
A basket or box. 


  1. Invite 11 children to the game. 
  2. Ask the children to place two rugs together, longest sides touching each other. 
  3. “We are going to each take a card, but we wont look at it until I say.” 
  4. Ask each child to take a card out of the box 
  5. “We are going to play a memory game. This game is called the memory game of numbers.” 
  6. “Who knows what memory is?” 
  7. Explain that everyone must keep their number a secret, they can’t show it to anyone or tell anyone. 
  8. Ask all the children to open their cards to see their number. 
  9. After a moment, ask the children to close their cards and put them down. 
  10. One child at a time, ask “Can you bring your number of…” followed by objects/materials that are in the classroom such “flags.” 
  11. Each child should be given a different type of object to bring back. 
  12. Wait for the children to return to the rug with the objects. 
  13. One child at a time, ask “What did you bring?” 
  14. “How many did you bring?” 
  15. “Let’s count together as a whole group.” 
  16. “Can you show us the number on the card?” 
  17. Repeat this process for each child. 
  18. When you get to the child who has the zero card, dramatize that they have, for example, zero flags.  
  19. Ask the children to place their objects back, then roll up the rugs. 


Children can work independently if an older child is able to play the role of the teacher. 

Control of Error

Teacher and children’s knowledge.  


To train the memory; to fix an image in the mind over a long period.
Transfer the knowledge of numbers from the materials out into the world. 


4 to 5


Numbers 0 – 10.
This is a celebration of what they already know.  
The more interesting the material, the more drama the game consists of. 
It’s good to have a list of 11 – 15 objects that are in your classroom and could possibly be used for this game. 

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