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Small ironing board at a child’s height.
Small travel sized iron.
Safety rest for the hot iron.
Spray bottle with water.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.
  2. Explain to the child that you are going to show him how to take the wrinkles out of cloths.
  3. Bring 4 cloths from the drying rack.
  4. Place the cloths on the shelf underneath the ironing board.
  5. Plug the iron into the outlet.
  6. Explain that you will always plug in the iron for the child.
  7. Place the iron vertically on the ironing board by the iron’s base.
  8. Wait for the iron to get hot.
  9. “We don’t ever touch this part of the iron, it can be very hot to touch and that will hurt us.”
  10. Show the child the grip/handle of the iron.
  11. With one arm behind your back, pick up the iron carefully and rub it on the ironing board.
  12. Place the iron back down on its base.
  13. With one hand, carefully feel the ironed spot of the board to feel if it’s warm.
  14. Ask the child if he would like to also feel if the spot is warm.
  15. Place a cloth flat down on the ironing board.
  16. Use the spray bottle to lightly spray the cloth with water.
  17. Slowly fold the item once horizontally, then once vertically to let the water even distribute throughout the cloth.
  18. Unfold the cloth.
  19. Pick up the iron.
  20. Place the iron in the top left corner of the cloth.
  21. Iron the corner back and forth in a diagonal movement.
  22. Repeat this for all four corners in a clockwise formation.
  23. Place the iron in the top left corner.
  24. Move the iron from left to right.
  25. Repeat this movement, from top to bottom.
  26. “No more wrinkles on this side. It’s nice and smooth!”
  27. Place the iron down and flip the cloth over.
  28. Repeat these steps on the other side.
  29. “This side looks smooth as well!”
  30. Place the iron down and carefully fold the cloth.
  31. Ask the child to follow you as you place the cloth in the basket near its corresponding material.
  32. Repeat this whole process once more with another cloth while the child watches.
  33. Ask the child to perform the exercise.
  34. Once the child is done, unplug the iron.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Spraying just enough water onto the cloth, getting all the wrinkles out, placing the iron on the safety rest when it’s not in use.


Membership of and contribution to community, assessment and judgment, order, independence, care for environment.


4 1/2 to 6

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