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Introduction to the Verb

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The farm animals. 
The teacher’s writing tray.
The box of grammar symbols. 
Prepared commands, color-coded red, on which are intransitive verbs – e.g. hop, clap, etc. – in a box or envelope marked with the verb symbol and a #1. 


  1. Invite one to three children to the lesson. 
  2. Go to the model farm.  
  3. Converse about what is happening on the farm. 
  4. Go back to the table; bring the writing tray.  
  5. For each child, write the name of an object that is on the model farm. 
  6. Wait for the child to bring it to you. 
  7. Write an action for each child. 
  8. Watch the child perform the action. 
  9. Ask each child, one at a time, to give you the object. 
  10. Hand the object back to the child. 
  11. Ask each child, one at a time, to give you the action. 
  12. “Oh! You can’t give me something you do!” 
  13. Get the grammar symbol box.  
  14. Ask the children to place the symbols for objects/nouns.  
  15. Introduce the red circle symbol for verbs. 
  16. Ask the children to “place the red circles by the words that told you what to do” 
  17. Transpose.  
  18. Introduce Verb Box 1.  
  19. Let the children read and perform the commands that are inside the box.  
  20. Encourage the children to write their own commands for one another.  


Exercise 1, Independent work with Verb Box 1.  


To become aware of the function of the verb, and to realize the difference between object and action; matter and energy.   




Children are very familiar with nouns and things they can hold, but actions don’t hold as much substance so they seem very abstract.
After introducing the verb, we introduce the adverb then come back to more verb work.  

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