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How to Thank a Visitor for Coming

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  1. With an assistant’s help, explain that the children will learn how to thank a visitor for coming. 
  2. With the assistant next to you, tell the assistant “Thank you [name] for coming to visit us. We really enjoyed having your company and we hope you come to visit again soon.” 
  3. Look the assistant in the eyes. 
  4. Shake his or her hand in the same way you’d greet them. 
  5. Open the door for the assistant. 
  6. Say to the assistant “Thanks again for coming!” 
  7. Close the door after the assistant leaves through the door. 
  8. Encourage the children to practice visiting and thanking each other for coming. 


Teaching the children how to demonstrate respect for others and how to thank parents, guests, visitors, etc. for visiting.


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