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How to Open and Close a Door

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  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to open and close a door. Ask the child to watch. 
  3. Hover your dominant hand over the door knob. Pause. 
  4. Slowly wrap your fingers around the door knob. Pause. 
  5. Slowly twist the knob all the way to the right. Pause. 
  6. Pull the door open so there is enough space to enter or exit through. 
  7. Holding your dominant hand on the knob, place your subdominant hand on the other knob on the opposite side of the door. Pause. 
  8. Step through the doorway, inviting the child with you. Pause. 
  9. Take a small step back, face the door way. Pause. 
  10. Holding the door knob, pull the door towards you so it shuts softly. 
  11. Twist the door knob back to its original position. Pause. 
  12. Let go of the door knob. 
  13. Repeat these steps to get back to the starting place.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Closing the door without slamming it and making a loud noise. 


Control of voluntary movement, independence.


2 1/2 to 3

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