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How to Listen to Another Person

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  1. Explain that the children will learn how to listen to another person. 
  2. Invite a child. 
  3. Get down on his level. 
  4. Ask the child to begin a conversation with you and to talk about something he likes or is interested in. 
  5. Make strong, continuous eye contact and be very quiet. 
  6. Every now and then, shake your head up and down to show that you are listening.  
  7. After the child is done, or by politely suggesting the child be done, ask the child to listen to you. 
  8. Tell the children “I remember what [child’s name] said. He said that [what child said.]” 
  9. Ask the child if he remembers what you said when you talked. 
  10. After the conversation, tell the children that good listening means we know what the person is saying and that we can remember what they said.  
  11. Encourage the children to practice this with their friends.


Teaching the children how to demonstrate respect for others by listening carefully.


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