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How to Carry a Fragile Object

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  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to carry a special object that can break if not carried the right way, but can be safe if carried a certain way. Ask the child to watch. 
  3. Place your hands on the sides of the object. Pause. 
  4. With a pincer grip on the dominant hand, wrap two fingers behind the object. Pause. 
  5. Place the thumb of the dominant hand on the front of the object. Pause. 
  6. Tilt the object to the right, exposing some of the underside. Pause. 
  7. Slowly raise the object just one inch or so above the surface. Pause. 
  8. Place the palm of your subdominant hand underneath the object. Pause. 
  9. Slowly tilt the object back so its straight up, and your palm with it. Pause. 
  10. Slowly bring the object into the center mass of your body. Pause. 
  11. Carefully walk to desired location. 
  12. Slowly bring the object away from your body, hovering over the surface. Pause. 
  13. Slowly lower the object, about an inch or so above the surface. Pause. 
  14. Carefully tilt the object to the right, and your palm with it. Pause. 
  15. Slowly remove your palm from underneath the object. Pause. 
  16. Place two subdominant fingers on the side of the object. Pause. 
  17. Straighten the object out. Pause. 
  18. Fully lower the object to the surface. 
  19. Remove your hands.


Same as presentation.


Independence, control of voluntary movement, care of environment, patience 


2 1/2 to 3

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