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How to Carry a Bucket

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  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to carry a bucket. Ask the child to watch. 
  3. Kneel down to the bucket, with the bucket about center with your body. 
  4. With a pincer grip on your subdominant hand, grab the handle of the bucket. Pause, look at the child. 
  5. Slowly lift the handle above the bucket’s center. Pause. 
  6. Bring your dominant hand closer to the handle, about an inch away from grabbing it. Pause. 
  7. Slowly wrap your four fingers around the handle, pause. Remove your subdominant pincer grip. 
  8. Bring the handle fully into the palm of your hand. 
  9. Standing up, slowly bring the bucket into the air at stomach level. Pause. 
  10. Keep the bucket in your dominant hand about even level with your stomach, fist facing forward, and bring the bucket a couple inches away from the body. Pause. 
  11. Slowly lower the bucket to the side of your body. Pause. 
  12. Twist your wrist so that your hand is facing the outside. 
  13. Carefully walk to the desired location. 
  14. Kneel down to where you want to place the bucket. Pause. 
  15. Bring the bucket about an inch above the surface. Pause. 
  16. Slowly place the bucket down. Pause. 
  17. With a pincer grip in your subdominant hand, grab the handle. Pause. 
  18. With a secure pincer grip, slowly release your dominant hand. Pause. 
  19. Slowly lower the handle back to its original resting place.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Not spilling any contents inside the bucket, keeping the bucket relatively still and not swinging it.  


Independence, control of voluntary movement.


2 1/2 to 3

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