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How to Begin and End a Conversation

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  1. Explain that the children will learn how to begin and end a conversation. 
  2. Invite a child to help you. 
  3. Get down on their level. 
  4. “Hello [first child’s name], do you have a moment to talk?” 
  5. Pick a topic to talk about and exchange words, keeping it a balanced conversation. 
  6. “Well, it was great talking to you [child’s name] but now I have to get back to work. Thank you. We can talk again soon.” 
  7. Repeat this process with different topics and different opening and closing statements to show different wants to communicate the same thing. 
  8. Encourage the children to practice this with their friends. 


Teaching the children how to demonstrate respect for others time by beginning and ending a conversation politely.


3 1/2 to 4

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