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Flower Arranging

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Underlay covering table.
Basin or bowl, medium size.
Funnel (optional, one large and one small).
Supply of flowers kept available in a narrow but steady container.
Collection of vases of different shapes, sizes, and transparency.
Scissors, sponge, and small terry cloth. 
Discard bin. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to arrange flowers. 
  3. Ask the child to watch. 
  4. With aprons on, fill the pitcher up with water. 
  5. Pour just enough water into the bowl. 
  6. Select a vase for the flowers. 
  7. Place the vase on the table. 
  8. Point to the size of the vase’s opening. 
  9. Point to the funnels. 
  10. Select the funnel that corresponds best to the vase. 
  11. Place the funnel inside the opening of the vase. 
  12. Pour a little bit of water into the vase. 
  13. Wait for the water to drain from the funnel into the vase. 
  14. Pick up the funnel and see how much water is inside. 
  15. Place the funnel back inside the vase and repeat this process until there are a couple inches of water. 
  16. Look at the various flowers with the child. 
  17. Pick out flowers and place them on the left side of the bowl. 
  18. Pick off excess leaves and place them in the discard bin. 
  19. Stand each flower up one at a time to the left of the vase. 
  20. Take note of the height of the vase compared to the stem. 
  21. Cut off just enough of the stem so it fits appropriately in the vase. 
  22. Place the cut flowers in the bowl of water. 
  23. Give the flowers a fresh, final cut under the water. 
  24. Place the flowers in the vase. 
  25. Pick out a dooly to go under the vase. 
  26. Find a spot to place the newly arranged vase in the classroom. 
  27. Let the child perform the exercise. 
  28. After the child has completed the flower arranging, show him how to clean up. 
  29. Pick out the leaves, stems, etc. from the bowl and put them into the discard bin. 
  30. Pour the water out of the bowl and into the waste water bucket. 
  31. With the remaining pitcher water, pour it in into the bowl and give it a final cleaning, making sure no plant materials are left. 
  32. Pour the water into the waste water bucket. 
  33. With the cloth, dry the bowl, scissors, and pitcher so that there are no wet spots. 
  34. With the sponge, dry any spots on the table. 
  35. With everything clean, take the discard bin with the plant parts and dump those into the trash. 
  36. Take the waste water bucket and pour the water into the classroom drain or larger waste water bucket. 
  37. Remove aprons. 


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Pouring the right amount of water into the vase, cutting the stems at the right length.


Care of the environment through flower arranging, beautifying the environment, judgement, estimation, foresight, planning colors and textures, give a sense of order through a sequence of materials, independence, awareness of surroundings, coordination, preparation for botany.


2 1/2 and up

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