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  1. Perform the sensitizing activity with the child, and get blindfolds. 
  2. Ask the child to watch. Open the box and take out one fabric at a time, feeling it with your dominant hand’s fingers, and letting the child feel. 
  3. Repeat this process until the whole first set is taken out and felt by you and the child.  
  4. Take out the second set of duplicates one at a time, put the lid back on the box and move the box to the top middle of the table. 
  5. Randomize the fabrics on the table. 
  6. Put on your blindfold, with one fabric at a time, take one fabric and bring it to a central are on the table, with your dominant hand explore the fabrics on the table until you feel and find a match.  
  7. Once a match is found, stack the two fabrics on top of each other and place in the middle of the lid on top of the box.  
  8. Repeat this process until all the matches are found and stacked. 
  9. With all the matches completed, remove the blindfold and verify whether the correct matches were made.  
  10. Invite the child to randomize the fabrics, and to put on his blindfold and perform the exercise.  
  11. Once the child is finished and he goes over the matches, show the child how to separate the fabrics into two stacks, for the two different sets. Invite the child to keep working.  


Child works independently as presented.


Names of fabrics may be given casually, such as velvet, wool, etc.

Control of Error

Visual control of error once the blindfold is removed.

Direct Purpose

Refinement of the tactile sense.
Taking the idea of rough and smooth into the world of fabrics.


3 1/2 and up


You may have a more challenging “Fabric Box 2” that contains fabrics of more similar colors and textures, adding to the difficulty of tactile discrimination.

Rotate fabrics out of the boxes in order to maintain new experiences and challenges for the children.

You may realize that children become more aware of the fabrics that others are wearing.

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