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Constructive Triangles, Blue Scalene Triangles

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12 identical blue right-angled scalene triangles.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson and sit by the rug.  
  2. Remove the lid and take out 4 triangles. Place lid back on the box. 
  3. Show the child different shapes you can build, such as rectangles and pinwheels. 
  4. Invite the child to explore with the 4 triangles. 
  5. Remove the lid and show the child that there are more triangles inside of the box. 
  6. Invite the child to take the triangles out and explore. 


The child explores the triangles, making patterns, shapes, or designs.



Control of Error


Direct Purpose

Exploring equivalence.


4 to 5


You can show the child that the triangles are double sided, or better yet let the child discover this on his/her own.  

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