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Cloth Washing

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Two basins.
Scrubbing board.
Soap on a dish.
Small towel.
Laundry basket.
Drying rack.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson.
  2. Explain that the child will learn how to wash cloths.
  3. Ask the child to watch.
  4. Put on your apron.
  5. Go to the laundry basket.
  6. Take three cloths and place them on the table.
  7. Pick up the pitcher.
  8. Fill the pitcher up with water.
  9. Pour the water into the two basins. Refill the pitcher and pour it into the basins accordingly until the basins have enough water.
  10. Pick one dirty cloth from the table.
  11. Soak the cloth in the water basin that contains the scrubbing board.
  12. Place the cloth on the scrubbing board.
  13. Pick up the soap and rub the soap into the cloth.
  14. Place the soap back on its dish.
  15. Rub the cloth on the scrubbing board.
  16. After a little bit of scrubbing, check the progress you’ve made so far.
  17. Apply more water and soap as needed.
  18. Once the tarnish is gone, place the cloth into the rinse basin.
  19. Give the cloth a squeeze to remove all the soap and water.
  20. Place the wet, clean, cloth on the drying rack.
  21. Ask the child to perform the exercise with the remaining two cloths.
  22. Once the child is done, show him how to clean up.
  23. Pick up the water pitcher.
  24. Pour water onto the scrubbing board to clear of any remaining soap from its surface.
  25. Dry the scrubbing board with the small towel.
  26. Remove the scrubbing board from the basin and let it briefly dry on the side of the table.
  27. Loosen the soap inside both basins.
  28. Pour the water out of the basins into the waste water bucket.
  29. Use water from the pitcher to give each basin one more rinse.
  30. Pour the remaining water from the basins into the waste water bucket.
  31. Pour the waste water bucket out into the classroom waste water bucket/sink.
  32. Dry the table and basins with the towel.
  33. If necessary, place the towel on the drying rack and replace it with a dry one.
  34. Place the scrubbing board back into the first basin.
  35. Remove your apron.


Same as presentation.

Points of Interest

Cleaning all the grime off of the cloths, removing as much excess soap and water as possible from the cloths before setting them to dry.


Care of the environment through cloth washing, communal care, judgment, give a sense of order through a sequence of materials, independence, awareness of surroundings, coordination.


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