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Cards and Counters

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Number cards from 1 – 10 (may use cut-outs instead of cards).
55 identical counters in a box. 


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. 
  2. Ask the child to roll a large rug out on the floor. 
  3. Show him the box of cards and the box of counters. 
  4. Take one box to the rug and ask the child to take the other. 
  5. Open the box of cards and place the cards on the rug at random.  
  6. Ask the child to place the cards in order, in a row, near the middle of the rug. Be sure to show the child how to space the cards out, with about an inch or two in between each card. 
  7. Open the box of counters. 
  8. Point at the first card, #1. Say “One.” 
  9. Take one counter out of the box and place it in your hand.  
  10. Point at it to verify and say “one.” 
  11. Place the counter under the #1 number card, centered.  
  12. Repeat this process for all the other numbers. 
  13. For even numbers, you place the counters under the number card in two columns, left to right, top to bottom.  
  14. For odd numbers, you still place the counters under the number card in two columns, left to right, top to bottom, but you place the last counter in the last row in the center of the columns. 
  15. Keep doing this yourself until you reach the #4 or the #5, then turn it over to the child. 
  16. Once all the counters have been placed properly under their corresponding cards, stand up with the child and look at the layout. 
  17. After the child has appreciated it for a while, ask the child to clean up by putting the materials back in their boxes and returning them to their shelves. 


Exercise 1, Independent Work. 
Exercise 2, Odds & Evens 

Ask the child to do the exercise as he knows it with the cards and counters out on a rug in the same formation as the first exercise. Place your finger at the bottom edge of the card, at its middle point, and walk it downwards. With odd numbers, your finger will run into a counter, walk your finger back upwards to run into the card, and push the card upward about three inches, say “odd.” For even numbers, your finger will not run into a counter, so just keep walking your finger down to the bottom of the rug and say “even.” 

Control of Error

Within the material, as there are only 55 counters, no leftovers if used properly.  

Direct Purpose

Reinforce knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities.
To verify whether the child has mastered the sequence of numbers and how many units form each number.
Visual impression of odd and even numbers. 

Indirect Purpose

Indirect preparation for divisibility of numbers. 


4 to 4 1/2

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